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eClass Subject of Chemistry :

Part-2. Toipc- carbohydrates

Part-2. Toipc- carbohydrates(lecture-3&4)

Part-2. Toipc- carbohydrates 2

Part-1. Toipc- Hydrogen and Hydride

Part-1. Toipc- Hydrogen and Hydride 2

Part -2. Topic- Carbohydrates

Part -2. Topic- Carbohydrates 1

Part 2 Topic Carbohydrates

B.Sc. part 2 .Topic.- suface chemistry.

part-2.Topic- surface chemistry.

part -2.Topic-surface Chemistry.lecture-2.

chemistry..B.Sc -part. Topic -nuclear-chemistry

B.Sc .part-2. Topic-spontaneity-entropy-and-free-energy

.B.Sc part-2. Topic-acid-base-equilibria


B.Sc part-2.Topic - chemical-kinetics

B.Sc part-2.Organic chemistry -Topic-Caboxylic acid.

B.Sc part-2.Organic chemistry -Topic -carboxylic-acid-derivatives-and-nucleophilic-acyl-substitution

B.Sc -Part-2. Topic-alkanes-and-cycloalkanes

B.Sc part 2.Topic -solutions-and-their-properties.

B.Sc part 2.Topic -chemical-kinetics

B.Sc part- 2.Topic- -transition-metals-and-coordination-chemistry

B.Sc Part- 2.Topic - Name reaction. Reimer-Tiemann reaction

B.Sc Part- 2.Topic - Name reaction. Perkin reaction

B.Sc Part- 2.Topic - Name reaction. Friedel craft reaction

B.Sc Part- 2.Topic - Name reaction& Rearrangement

B.Sc Part- 2.Topic - Aromatic compounds and atomicity.

B.Sc Part- 2.Topic - Aldehyde and ketones

B.Sc- part 2 .Topic-stereochemistry-of-organic-compounds

B.Sc- part 2 .Topic-physical chemistry-chemical-equilibrium

B.Sc- part 2 .Topic--organic-compounds-alkyl-halides.

B.Sc part 2 .Topic-liquids-solids-and-intermolecular-forces . Date-09-05-2020

B.Sc -part 1. Topic- Organic chemistry

B.Sc -part 1. Topic- Classification of Organic chemistry.

B.Sc .Part 2 .topic -structural-bonding-and-molecular-properties

Topic-Chemical thermodynamics

Topic- Adsorption

Topic- Absorption Isotherms

Topic - wave Machanics.

Topic - Thermodynamics (joule- thermal effect)

Topic- Theory of Reaction rate

Topic - Complex Compound.

Acid and Base


chemistry.B.Sc part-1 .Topic- Chemical bond .

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